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    Mayor's speech

    Zhoushan City, which belongs to Zhejiang province, is the first prefecture-level city built on islands in our country. It is located at the juncture of Gold Coastline and Yangtze Golden Waterway in eastern China and backed by a great economic hinterland in Yangtze Delta. If Yangtze River were compared to a giant dragon jumping into the East China Sea, whose head would be Shanghai, then Zhoushan City would be the dazzling dragon ball of its head. With 1390 islands and over 270 miles deep water coastline, Zhoushan City is the largest archipelago and an important port city in China. It has two districts: Dinghai District, Putuo District; two counties: Daishan County, Shengsi County and its permanent population is 1,146 million.

    On June 30th in 2010, the State Council formally approved the establishment of new area of Zhoushan Archipelago , which is as big as administrative region of Zhoushan City, in Zhejiang province. After ShanghaI Pudong, Tianjin Binhai, Chongqing Liangjiang, Zhoushan Archipelago has become the fourth national new area. It is also a new area in line with national strategy which is themed by marine economy. Development and opening of Zhoushan Archipelago has thus become a national strategy. According to clear orientation of strategic goal of Development Planning of Zhoushan Archipelago in Zhejiang province, which was approved by the State Council on January 17th, 2013, Zhoushan Archipelago new area will develop into a leading area of marine economic development and experimental area of marine comprehensive development in Zhejiang province and an important growth pole for economic development of Yangtze Delta; it will also develop into a storage, transit, machining and trade center on commodities in our country, an important marine open door in eastern China, an important modern marine industry base, a demonstration zone of integrated protection and development for ocean and islands and a pilot zone for ocean-land coordinated development and tryingto build it into a bridgehead facing the Pacific rim economic circle.

    Zhoushan is a cultural city with a rich cultural background. As early as the Neolithic period, more than 5000 years ago, hardworking and intelligent ancestors in Zhoushan has created a splendid “Hemudu Culture on the Sea”. Zhoushan was called Haizhongzhou in the ancient times and Yong dong during the Spring and Autumn period. Wengshan County and Changguo County were established there in succession during Tang Dynasty Kaiyuan and Song Dynasty Xining separately and Dinghai County was finally established there during Qing Dynasty Kangxi after several times of prosperity and depression. Nurtured by ocean for thousands of years, Zhoushan has had a strong sense of marine culture. There you can feel a longstanding, endless, and inclusive broad mind of marine culture; a mercy spirit from Kwan-yin’s preaching site to make friends with people around the world, spread wisdom to the world, make a harmonious and united society; and you can also feel the humane spirit of Zhoushan people such as braveness of standing on the tide head, tolerance of accommodating different ideas, unity of being on the same boat and practicality of being realistic and pragmatic.

    Zhoushan City is a glamorous city with a unique scenery. Being famous around the world as “Buddha Land between Sky and Sea”and “Port City for Fishing”, Zhoushan City attracts a great number of people by its unique and exquisite scenery and pleasant climate. There are two special name cards for Zhoushan tourism, one of these consists of blue sky, clear water, sand beach, Buddhism and sea food, and “Buddha Land between Sky and Sea”—Putuo Mountain, “Ten-Mile Fishing Port”--Shenjiamen, “Homeland of Sand Sculpture”—Zhujiajian;“Southern Beidaihe”--Shengsi Islands and other places are world-famous. Another one is about excellent air quality. Air quality of Zhoushan City is ranked on top three among 74 major cities` around the country for several years in a row. It is a uniquely charming and liveable city.

    Zhoushan City is a city of hope full of dreams. It has become a strategic base for implementation of “Strong Ocean Power” by national government because of approval of establishment and development plan of Zhoushan Qundao New Area in Zhejiang province. In order to carry out “3+5” target by the State Council, Zhoushan municipal government further defines a construction goal to turn Zhoushan City into a hub island for international logistics, a open island, a marine industry agglomeration island, an international recreational ecotypic island, a seaside garden city and a service center for river-ocean combined transportation in Zhoushan. The municipal government will, according to the idea of “three steps”, boost the construction of comprehensive bonded area in Zhoushan Port and explore actively the establishment free trade zone and free port area. Supported by the establishment of new area, Zhoushan City is bound to attract large investments and become a city of hope full of passion and dreams.

    People in Zhoushan City are diligent, wise, warm-hearted and hospitable. We sincerely welcome dear you to here to work with our locals and contribute to this city where you can invest safely, work satisfactorily and live comfortably; this city where you can make a success, enjoy life and unleash mind. I am convinced that  if you have been Zhoushan City you will further deeply feel that this is a city which is so attractive that you will regret if you don’t visit here; once you come here, you want to stay and you will come again even you leave; you will have beautiful and unforgettable impressions and get a rich repayment for your contributions.

    Welcome to Zhoushan Archipelago New Area of Zhejiang Province

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