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He Zhongwei went to Putuo to inspect the epidemic prevention and control and resume work and production
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On the afternoon of February 25, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, He Zhongwei went to Putuo District to oversee the epidemic prevention and control and resumed work and production..

He emphasized that all levels and departments must resolutely implement the decision-making and deployment of the municipal party committee and government, deepen and perfect the precise intelligent control mechanism, give full play to the role of grass-roots grid members, fully promote the release of production capacity, and strive to achieve the "double victory" of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development ".

He Zhongwei visited Guanhai Foods, Haizhou Aquatic Products and other enterprises at random to learn about the difficulties faced by enterprises in resuming work and restarting production, and to promote relevant issues on the spot.

He urged the person in charge of the enterprise to go all out to speed up production and fully release the company's production capacity on the premise of implementing the detailed epidemic prevention and control measures.

He Zhongwei is very concerned about the epidemic prevention and control work of our civil service agency. In the Putuo District Social Welfare Institute and Zhanmao Home for the Elderly, He Zhongwei learned about the implementation of epidemic prevention measures and the living conditions of the elderly and expressed condolences to the staff.

He hopes that everyone will be strict and rigorous with the management, and continue to work hard to do a good job in epidemic control and management and do a good job in the management with emotion.

He Zhongwei also came to Zhanmao Street and randomly inspected the situation of the "small door" of precise and intensiveguarding.

He Zhongwei fully affirmed that the measures were implemented at the entrances of Ganshiyu Village, Zhangjia Village, and Huangyangjian Village.

He urged the person in charge of the street that the current prevention and control measures cannot be relaxed in the slightest. It is necessary to strengthen grass-roots gridding, strictly implement the system, and stick to and keep their own "small doors" frimly.

He Zhongwei emphasized that counties (districts) and functional districts should effectively take responsibility for the management of their territories, and in accordance with the requirements of “knowing in advance, controlling in advance, knowing the process, controlling the process”, strengthen the data comparison, analysis, and judgment of key personnel, and hold each key nodes to ensure that all control measures are implemented in place.

It is necessary to further deepen and improve the precise intelligent control mechanism, keep the "middle door" and "small door" intensively, strictly implement the system of "Checking code (certificate) + temperature measurement + registration", and push forward the implementation ofthe epidemic prevention and control work practically, intensively and realistically.  .

It is necessary to improve the system of the resident instructors intheenterprises, focus on the recovery rate of the company's production capacity, the rate of resumption of work, and the intensity of resumption of key projects, systematically solve the problems encountered by the enterprises , and focus more on improving the capacity of the enterprises.

It is necessary to carry out "Three Services" activities by goingdeep amongenterprises, serve enterprises with heart and passion, strengthen guidance on epidemic prevention and health protection, comprehensively implement various policies and measures, help enterprises release capacity as soon as possible, and minimize the strike and impact on the enterprises caused by the epidemic.

It is necessary to strengthen the scientific planning of economic work, decompose and deploy key government tasks as soon as possible, strengthen confidence, and work hard to ensure that the annual economic and social goals and tasks are successfully completed.

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