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11 major projects in our city have come into operation collectively.
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Concentrated kick-off ceremony of major projects to expand effective investment in the province was held yesterday.

11 major projects in our city havecome into operationcollectively.

Yu Yulai delivered a speech at the Zhoushan branch venue, He Zhongwei Zhong Daand Hua Wei attended the activity.

Yesterday morning, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government held a large-scale kick-off ceremony of major projects to expand effective investment in the province collectively. There are 11 major projects of our city participating in it, with a total investment of 91.8 billion yuan, which injects a strong impetus for achieving goal of "Doing well in both tasks and winning the two Battles at the same time”.

The Zhoushan branch venue is located at the project site on Xiaogan Island (see photo)of the Zhoushan Free Trade Finance Center. Yu Donglai, the secretary of the municipal party committee and the secretary of the New District Party Working Committee, reported to the main venue of the province the start of Zhoushan's major projects, and then made a speech at concentrated kick-off ceremony of our city and then announced the kick off of the projects. He Zhongwei presided over it, and Zhong Da and Hua Wei attended the ceremony.

Yu Donglai pointed out that at the current critical stage of trying to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control on one hand and economic and social development on the other hand, firmlygrasping projects and expanding investment are effective measures to quickly promote economic recovery and strengthen development confidence.

We must insist on making progress while maintaining stability, do a good job in the "Six Stabilities", firmly establish the consciousness of "Projects are the number one priority ", and take precise measures and take advantage of the situation. Under the premise of ensuring prevention and control of the epidemic, catch up with the delayed time and construction duration, go all out to accelerate the construction of the projects, and strive to achieve the goals and tasks throughout the year.

Yu Donglai emphasized that the city must compete for projects, break the shortcomings of investment with new ideas, and accelerate the formation of a step-by-step promotion pattern of "Planning a batch of projects, reserving a batch of projects, starting a batch of projects, put into productiona batch of projects".

It is necessary to speed up construction, make every effort to ensure the organization guarantee of project implementation, promote the resumption of construction of major projects, comprehensively expand effective investment, and promote project construction with high standards, high efficiency, and high quality. It is necessary to compete for services, deepen the "Three Services" activities, do a good job in the role of "the shop assistant" for service of the enterprises and service of projects, comprehensively improve service efficiency and optimize the business environment. We should take this opportunity to focus on the start of this major projects, passionately start a business, strive hard to catch up, make every effort to focus on this year's provincial and municipal key projects and fixed asset investment plans, and continue to sound the charge of ""Doing well in both tasks and winning the two Battles at the same time”,to comprehensively capture the "Double Victories" of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development.

It is known that the 11 major projects started this time involve in many fields, such as the transforming and upgrading of traditional manufacturing, high-tech industries, infrastructure’sadding shortcomings, urban construction, protection and improvement of people's livelihood, and energy and energy efficiency. This year, it’s planned to complete an investment of 21.3 billion yuan.Among them, the second-phase project of zhejiang petrochemical with a total investment of 82.93 billion yuan will realize the leap-forward development of the integrated whole industrial chain after its completion, and strongly promote the production, processing and sales of chemical products in the middle and lower reaches.

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