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He Zhongwei made an unannounced supervision and examination on the detailed implement work of the precision intelligent control
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On the afternoon of February 21, when Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, He Zhongwei made an unannounced supervision and examination on the detailed implement work of the precision intelligent control in Dinghai and Xincheng, he emphasized that departments at all levels should not loosen their efforts to prevent and control the epidemic situation and speed up the “social application of the "Zhoushan Health Code", keeping the" small door "precisely and intensively, making good use of the" one picture, one code and one index "to increase the level of working post support for enterprises, speed up the implementation of policies, fully promote resumption of work and production, and ensure we should attach sufficient importance to both aspects and achieve both good results and win both battles at the same time. "

He Zhongwei came to residential areas, shops along the road, back streets, alleys, and community (village) entrances to learn more about the implementation of the "Zhoushan Health Code" and "Green Pass", and encouraged everyone to carry forward the continuous fighting spirit and continue to hold their posts. We will continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, strictly implement the "one code, one certificate", strengthen the reorganization of grass-roots grid, increase personnel investigation, and ensure continuous efforts in group prevention and control.

The management of east gate sentry in Xincheng Future City Community becomes formalistic, and the work of scanning codes and checking permits is loose, and vehicles and personnel outside the city can enter and exit at will.

Penglai Road, Dinghai Chengdong Street has a small space. There are a large number of small food stores (small aquatic products stores) along the street. The entire road has not implemented a " code (certificate) check+ temperature measurement" system, a large number of people gathered, and store runners have weak awareness of epidemic prevention.

He Zhongwei pointed out the problem seriously and demanded immediate rectification. He emphasized that as long as the epidemic is not over, prevention and control cannot be relaxed for a moment.

Departments at all levels should accelerate the implementation of the "Zhoushan Health Code" in the city, implement "Checking code (checking certificate ) + Temperature Measurement + Registration" in different scenarios, and effectively control the personnel with "Red Code" and "Yellow Code" , really guard the "door" to the district of businesses, communities and factories  and ensure the health and safety of the people.

He Zhongwei emphasized that the thousand miles of embankment was destroyed by ant caves and counties (districts) and functional areas should fulfill their territorial responsibilities with a high degree of political consciousness, strengthen group prevention and management, control their own "doors", form a rapid disposal mechanism, and secure Lines of defense for epidemic prevention and control.

It is necessary to increase publicity efforts, guide people not to gather, go out less, and wear masks, and effectively increase the awareness of protection for the entire people.

It is necessary to strictly urge the resumption enterprises to implement the responsibilities of the main body of prevention and control, and ensure that the various prevention and control measures are implemented in detail.

The special working group of the municipal management and control should play a planning and coordinating role to guide the implementation of the application of "one code, one certificate" and data support work.

The inspection team of the city should increase the intensity of unannounced visits and seriously investigate and correct the ineffective work.

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