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Project on "Study on the freezing process of liquid nitrogen for the Zhoushan Swimming crab" has passed experts’ review.
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This project addresses the shortage of fresh-keeping technology of Zhoushan  Swimming crab, stipulates the technical requirements for liquid nitrogen quick-freezing, packaging, storage, etc., formulates a group standard for Zhoushan liquid nitrogen freezing technical specifications, and completes the Zhoushan  Swimming Crab Liquid Nitrogen Freezing Technical Specification ".

After the standard is introduced, the  Swimming crab produced by processing enterprises according to the standard will have the characteristics of fidelity at source, deep-freezing and fresh-keeping, clean production, and whole-process cold chain, which will ensure the maximum nutrition and flavor of the Swimming crab.

The promotion of this project will help the city's Swimming crab frozen processing industry to enter the high-end market, and it will be of positive significance to enhance the brand value of Zhoushan aquatic products, stimulate market vitality, and open the inland market.

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