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Dinghai District's has carried out the digital linkage with "small and micro" private medical institutions.
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Aiming at the problems of “unequal hot and cold” resources of public and private medical institutions and incomplete health data of residents after the establishment of the regional “Medical Communities”, the district took the lead in absorbing“small and micro” private medical institutions in the area intothe Development planningof“Health Dinghai,Smart Medical” , using digital technologies such as cloud platforms and the Internet of Things,the "Medical Community" to the refined "Medical Union" will be comprehensively expandedand upgraded.

Through the information service cloud platform of private medical institutions, it provides a full set of information services such as registered fees, electronic medical records, and electronic prescriptions, automatically and accurately uploads medical business data, realizes business cooperation and digitalization of supervision, and makes the diagnosis and treatment process of private medical institutions traceable throughout, thus Makingresidents' health data more real and complete.

At the same time, it will open patient electronic health file access to private medical institutions, and provide full-process closed-loop services such as appointments for equipment inspection, public delivery of test specimens, and results feedback in public hospitals at or above the district and county levels to open up theblocking pointof"integratedmedical services in the region" . Currently, more than 80 “small and micro” private medical institutions in the area are integrating data, and one has officially joined and operated.

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