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City leaders visited and delivered condolences to high-level talents. Condensing and concentrating forces to promote high-quality development.
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The pace of the Spring Festival is getting closer and closer. In the past few days, city leaders such as Yu Donglai, He Zhongwei, Hua Wei, and Xu Zhangyan led their teams to visit the grassroots to deliver condolences to the national and provincial experts of "Thousand Talents Plan" and "10,000 People Plan", provincial overseas engineers, and  the recipients of special allowances of the State Council, the "Special Support Plan" and "5313" of the New District for science and technology, high-end talents in short supply, high-level professionals in the city, and high-level talents such as "Thousand Island Craftsmen" in the New District, extended their greetings to them and encouraged them to make persistent efforts and make great achievements, and make new contributions to the high-quality development of Zhoushan's economy and society.

Photojournalist: Shen Lei

Yu Donglai, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the New District Party Working Committee, extended condolences to Xu Zhiwei, a professor at the Ocean University of Zhejiang University, and Zhao Xiaofeng, an executive director of Zhoushan Tengyu Aerospace New Materials Co., Ltd. Yu Donglai had a detailed understanding of their working and living conditions, thanked them for their contributions to the development of Zhoushan, and wished them a smooth and happy New Year. According to Yu Dong, this year is the key year for Zhoushan to develop a new out-look of counter-cyclical economic development, which cannot be separated from the support of technology and talents. With the implementation of a series of national strategies such as the Pilot Free Trade Zone and the advancement of major projects such as the Zhouzhou Railway, Zhoushan's development prospects are very broad, and it also provides a stage for talents from all sides. I hope that everyone can take root in Zhoushan, innovate, contribute wisdom, display their talents on the front line of Zhoushan's construction and development, and provide a strong impetus for high-quality development. The Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government will, as always, care about and support high-level talents and provide first-class environment and services for everyone. Xu Zhiwei and Zhao Xiaofeng stated that Zhoushan is a good place for business men to start a business, and they will continue to contribute to the development of Zhoushan with tangible results.

Photojournalist: Yu Renke

The Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor He Zhongwei came to Zhejiang Yihanghai Information Technology Co., Ltd. and the Ocean University of Zhejiang University to express condolences to high-level talents Wu Deren and Wang Delin. In Zhejiang Yihanghai Information Technology Co., Ltd., He Zhongwei learned about the scientific research of the enterprise, fully affirmed their successful path of adhering to technological innovation and promoting industrial development, and encouraged enterprises to firmly grasp development opportunities and continuously enhance their core competitiveness. In the Ocean College of Zhejiang University, He Zhongwei inspected the development of scientific research projects. He said that scientific research work should be closely integrated with serving national strategies and local development. He hoped that more high-level talents will actively apply scientific research results to promoting local development. Governments at all levels should further improve the policy of attracting talents, motivating talents to innovate, and do a good job in ensuring services for high-level talents.

The leaders of other municipal party committees and municipal governments said, during their visits, that human resources are the key elements of Zhoushan's economic rise. They must do a good job in attracting talents just as doing their projects, and encourage high-level talents to take root and build their careers in Zhoushan. It is necessary to create an optimal talent ecology, strengthen service guarantee in all aspects, and attract more talents to inflow into Zhoushan more quickly.

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