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Yu Donglai: Enhance the confidence of development , increase scale of the support, and promote high quality development with“Three Services” Activity
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Yesterday morning, Yu Donglai, secretary of the municipal party committee and secretary of the Party Working Committee of the New District, went to some enterprises in the city to carry out the "Three Services" Activity. He stressed that the departments at all levels  should take the "Three Services" Activity as an important starting point, increase the the scale of the assistance services, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the cultivation and development of emerging industries, and jointly promote the high-quality economy development of our city .

“How is the company’s development?” “What are the current difficulties?”...Stepping into Zhejiang Ocean Leasing Co., Ltd., Yu Donglai talked and communicated with the responsible person of the company and asked about the relevant information in detail. Founded in 2012, the Ocean Leasing company, at present, has expanded its financial leasing business to 12 provinces. By the end of last year, it has provided financing for more than 170 projects in more than 130 enterprises, with a total investment of more than 10 billion yuan. The person in charge of the company said that he hoped that the government would increase support scale in terms of capital and project development, and provide more policy support in the introduction of the enterprise talents.

Yu Donglai affirmed the achievements obtained by the company. He pointed out that the trend of the Zhoushan's economic and social development is in good shape, and the construction of the Pilot Free Trade Zone brought us historic opportunities, the development of the financial leasing industry has broad prospects, which is also conducive to better solving the problem that it was hard and expensive for local enterprises to conduct the capital raising.Yu Donglai encouraged enterprises to enhance their confidence of development , actively explore and make progress, formulate development plans with higher standing point, positions, learn advanced experience, clarify the main direction, aim at first-class goals to become bigger and stronger, and thus better serving the high-quality development of Zhoushan’s economy.

The Hengzun Group, located in Donggang, Putuo District, has grown into a leading local construction company integrating six major industries with nearly 8,000 employees. Yu Donglai visited the enterprise Party Construction room and cultural park, and had an in-depth conversation with the person in charge of the company to understand the operation of the company. He pointed out that enterprises should highlight their main business, actively promote the work of listing it the stock exchange,and create a good brand image. It is necessary to scientifically and rationally lay out industrial development, strive to prevent various types of risks, and follow the pattern of the Strength-Strength and win-win Combination to achieve the goal of the steady development.

Yu Donglai requested that departments at all levels should view carrying out the "Three Services" Activity in depth as an important task throughout the year, to be conducted in detail and in practice, visit enterprises to make the in-depth investigations to find out condition of their production and operation and effectively help enterprises solve practical difficulties. It was necessary to actively help enterprises to prevent and resolve various risks and support enterprises to achieve greater development. It is vital to strengthen the awareness of service , improve service levels, and provide a first-class business running environment for the development of the enterprises.

Liu Yongyi participated in the event.

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