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The investment promotion conference of our city and the seventh promotion conference of “Five Series Battles” were held in Xincheng
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Yesterday afternoon, The investment promotion conference of our city and the seventh promotion conference of “Five Series Battles” were held in Xincheng.Yu Donglai,the secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and secretary of the Party Working Committee of the New District,stressed at the meeting that the whole city must tightly seize the “Focal Point”of  attracting investment and major projects,with the striving stance of “Starting is sprinting;beginning is the decisive battle”; passionately start up business, struggle and catch up, showing the impetus of “Five Series Battles” and momentum of the “the Investment Promotion  Great Battle”, thus laying a solid foundation for high-quality economic development of our city. 

He Zhongwei, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, presided over the meeting and deployed the tasks. Zhong Da, Jiang Jianguo and Ma Guohua attended the meeting. At the meeting, He Zhongwei issued the letters of responsibility for the promotion of the major projects and investment promotion work in 2019 to all counties (districts) and functional districts.

Yu Donglai emphasized that the whole city should firmly establish the concept of “No. 1 Project” for attracting investment, and concentrate on the promotion of “the Great Battle of investment promotion” conferences. All departments at all levels, especially the “Head Leaders”, must make investment promotion and project construction a top priority and strive for the big promotion of the economic and social development with the big break point of attracting investment. It is necessary to put foreign investment promotion in a prominent position and ensure that the target of the investment promotion for the whole year could be completed. We must focus on the investment promotion of national strategies and emerging industries,etc., and actively engage in them and closely stick to them until we succeed. Taxation should be used as an important criterion for judging the effectiveness of investment promotion, increase the intensity of investment in business land, and continue to do a good job in implementation work of the  enterprise taxation in our city. It is necessary to further increase the intensity of work, view the investment promotion and the introduction of the projects as the lifeline of high-quality development,the main grasp of all work and the important criterion for measuring the effectiveness of work to  form a good atmosphere for investment promotion and introduction of the big projects.

Yu Donglai emphasized that it was necessary to earnestly enhance the urgency of doing a good job in the "Five Major Series Battles ", enrich the measurements and the strategies,play well in the boxing combination of "Five Major Series Battles " and achieve more impressive fruits.we must speed up the implementation of the work objectives and key tasks of this year’s "Five Major Series Battles ", strive for the advanced position during the process of the competing, learning,catching up and surpassing, and win the "Five Major Series Battles " with the  high-quality service and an excellent style.

He Zhongwei pointed out that all departments at all levels must quickly set off a new wave of investment promotion and project construction with a “time -and- tide- waiting- for -no- man” sense of  urgency, a bold sense of responsibility, and a “striving- for- advanced- position” sense of honor. It is vital to clarify the annual goals, highlight the eight main directions such as the implementation of the series of national strategies,and investment promotion,etc. to do a good job in strengthening plans, attracting and implementing. The municipal government should take the lead in the investment promotion and establish a promotion mechanism and supervision mechanism. All counties (districts) and functional districts should be the main force and the “Bar Tenders”. All functional departments should make every effort to improve the service level and work together to ensure that all work was implemented and the actual effectiveness can be achieved. 

At the meeting, the outstanding projects in the 2018 project evaluation of the “Triple Major Projects”and the the advanced units in the evaluation of the Major Battle of the Investment Promotion were commended as well.The heads of Daishan,the Management Committee of Marine Industry Cluster District,Zhejiang Petrochemical Co., Ltd.,and Xinao (Zhoushan) LNG Co., Ltd.made the comment presentations.

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