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Municipal government held the fifth plenary meeting
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    The municipal government held its fifth plenary meeting on March 1. He Zhongwei, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, stressed that it was vital to comprehensively implement the decision and deployment of the central government , provincial committee, provincial government, and municipal party committee, and focus on the theme and main line of the "Five General Assembly Battles" and the construction of the "Four Zhoushan" ,carefully comparing the target requirements in the municipal government work report,emancipate the mind, be brave in creating, maintain the will power, strengthen the implementation, go all out to complete the tasks of the whole year,make the steps of the construction of the "Four Zhoushan" more practical, faster and better, and present the tribute to the 70th anniversary of the new China with the outstanding achievements. Xu Zhangyan presided over the meeting.

    He Zhongwei emphasized that to do a good job in this year's government work, we must pay special attention to the "Six Highlights" and focus on solving the major problems. It is necessary to highlight the construction of major projects and ensure the smooth progress of key provincial and municipal projects. It is necessary to highlight the effectiveness and the implementation of the national strategy and put the Pilot Free Trade Zone as the main platform for integrating into the Yangtze River Delta and serving the national overall opening situation, to deepen reform and innovation, promote the project implementation, and promote the  the effectiveness and the implementation of the series of national strategies such as the River-ocean Intermodal Service Center. It is vital to highlight the strategy of the new urbanization , highlight the establishment of a National Civilized City and promote the rural revitalization strategy at a high level. We must highlight the the stability and the risk prevention of enterprises and continue to promote six special actions on the support to the high-quality development of the private economy,do a good job in the "Three Services" activities, stabilize and strengthen traditional industries of the "Shipping" and "Fishing" , and win the battle of financial risk prevention and control.It is vital to highlight the growth of energy of motion, increase the attraction to the advanced manufacturing and service trade enterprises supported by the real economy, accelerate the development of new industries such as petrochemical downstream industrial chain and modern aviation, actively develop the digital economy, and strive to build a high-energy platform and create more new advantages in regional competition. It is vital to highlight the government's initiative to carry out its responsibilities actively, carry out the activities of "Big study, Big investigation and survey and Big Implementation" , and strive to tackle major tasks and problems relevant to the people's livelihood concerns, focus on the implementation of the "3+1" work tasks of the departments, and comprehensively improve the government's ability of plan, execution, and implementation,thus making sure that once the promise is made, it must be done and will be done well.

    He Zhongwei stressed that this year the government had a heavy work task and must make fully preparation for the tough fight. There was  only the last month left in the first quarter,, all localities and departments should sprint all the way, interview, investigate and find the real situation,accurately grasp the economic operation situation, comprehensively understand the needs of enterprise problems, do a good job in the service and guaranteeing the elements of starting the project as soon as possible and ensure the realize “Getting a good start".

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