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Our city promotes the "2+1 vocational education in the east and the west" mode to deepen the labor cooperation of poverty alleviation between the east and the west
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Closely adhere to the work orientation of the national “poverty alleviation should help them have aspiration first and  poverty alleviation must help them have wisdom”, through the vocational skills training “2+1” mode (students study in the vocational school for 2 years, then go to the vocational school in our city 1 year or perform  internship 1 Years), help the personnel who have established files from the counterparts to grasp the employment skills and achieve employment-poverty alleviation. This year, we have successfully organized two batches of more than 160 people  from Sichuan Dazhou to come to Zhoushan to implement the employment of machinery manufacturing enterprises and shipbuilding enterprises. The per-capita wage has reached 6,000 yuan/month, achieving “one person employment and the whole family out of poverty”. On this basis, in response to the shortage of labor in the city, the model was copied to the shipping industry and the “2+1” Class of seafarers was launched. Recently, the first batch of 24 Dazhou students arrived in the city, and 23 of whom have established files. After theoretical study, crew certificate training, and on-board internship, they will be recommended to the shipping companies in our city for employment. The monthly salary is expected to reach 8,000-11,000. This move will further deepen the effectiveness of the work of poverty alleviation and labor cooperation in the east and the west, and achieve a win-win situation in helping the poor in the counterparts to get rid of poverty and alleviate the shortage of employment in the city.

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