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The Municipal Emergency Management Bureau strengthens the supervision of precursor chemicals enterprises in the whole process
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The first is to strengthen source access. For new enterprises to declare varieties involving precursor chemicals, through the transmission of national management requirements, urge enterprises to take the initiative to cancel the license to apply for precursor chemicals. Since mid-July, applications for special regulatory hazardous chemicals management enterprises such as precursor chemicals have been suspended, and more than 20 applicant enterprises have been dismissed. The second is to strengthen law enforcement inspections. Nearly 5,000 enterprises in hazardous chemicals management were searched out, and 474 enterprises involved in the production of precursor chemicals were sorted out. More than 20 companies were randomly selected for inspection, and two enterprises whose main responsible persons were not changed in time were investigated and investigated. The company that has not carried out the operation of precursor chemicals is urged to apply for the cancellation of precursor chemicals. The third is to strengthen certificate management. The business record of non-pharmaceutical precursor chemicals was sorted out, 19 pieces of expired record certificates were cancelled, and the cancellation status was promptly notified to the public security and market supervision departments.


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