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Secretary Yu Donglai investigated Zhoushan International Maritime Service Industry
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On the morning of November 13, Yu Donglai, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the New District, and Director of the Management Committee of the Free Trade Pilot Zone, investigated the development of the Zhoushan International Maritime Service Industry. Municipal Standing Committee, Secretary-General Liu Yongyi, and deputy mayor Mao Jiangping and other municipal leaders accompanied.

Secretary Yu Donglai went to  Xincheng Shipping Service Cluster located in the Hong Kong Airlines International Building to visit the representatives of the Norwegian Classification Society Zhoushan Branch, Haishu Yizhou Shipping Agency, Maritime Arbitration Commission (Zhejiang)  Free Trade Pilot Zone Arbitration Center and other maritime service representatives of the enterprises and institutions to learn more about the business development of each unit in detail. Subsequently, Secretary Yu Donglai met with the special working group of the headquarters of International Maritime Service Base Construction  to listen to the report on the development of the city's maritime service industry and suggestions.

While fully affirming the development achievements of the maritime service industry in our city, Secretary Yu Donglai pointed out that the development of maritime service industry is the advantage of Zhoushan, and it is the major decision-making arrangement of the municipal party committee and municipal government, and it must fully realize its significance. It is necessary to comprehensively target advanced areas such as Singapore, and plan to promote the agglomeration and development of the maritime service industry with greater intensity and wider vision, and accelerate the establishment of an international maritime service base with high quality, high level and high concentration in China.

Secretary Yu Donglai emphasized 10 tasks needed to be promoted: First, clarify the goals and make the maritime service industry a pillar industry in Zhoushan. It is necessary to continue to focus on the three characteristics relevant with the Ships- "Ship owners, Ships, Ship Crews", further identify the gaps with the advanced standards, refine the clear objectives, and accelerate the industrial chain of the sea service industry. The second is to do a good job in the supply of marine fuel oil. To ensure the completion of the annual target of 4 million tons, continue to study breakthrough measures, expand the scale of the Zhoushan refueling market, and enhance visibility and influence. The third is to conduct research on marine LNG business as soon as possible. Seize the opportunity of the start of the marine LNG industry, increase research and planning efforts, speed up norm-setting, facilities construction, etc., and strive to take the lead in Zhoushan. Fourth, continue to further expand the supply of large foreign ships. It is necessary to change the current status of "Small, Scattered and Miscellaneous Model", speed up the construction of the supply service platforms and bases for the foreign ships, foster and strengthen the supply service industry  for the foreign ships, and actively build the Zhoushan foreign ships service brand. The fifth is to actively develop international ship repair services. It is necessary to guide enterprises to rely on technological innovation, transformation and upgrading to enhance market competitiveness and continuously increase  added value of product. The sixth is to develop international seafarers' services. We must promptly plan the construction of urban functional seafarer service facilities, actively introduce well-known crew management institutions at home and abroad, and support the development of local crew management enterprises. The seventh is an active and prosperous service. It is necessary to attach importance to the development of maritime information consulting services, international maritime arbitration, finance, legal and other derivative services, and continuously improve the level of maritime derivative services. Eighth is to strengthen the recruitment of well-known enterprises and professional institutions. It is necessary to fill the gap and fully introduce the world famous maritime service enterprises and increase the introduction of professional institutions. Ninth is to create a good business environment with a maximum of reform of “one time solution”. It is necessary to take advantage of the policy advantages of the Pilot Free Trade Zone and continue to strengthen reforms to provide a first-class open environment of the port  for maritime services. Tenth is to strengthen the joint force and supporting measures.In accordance with the responsibility objectives and special division of labor,each special group shall ensure the realization of the three-year-action -plan objectives and promote the Zhoushan International Maritime Service Base to continuously achieve new goals.

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