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The Municipal Science and Technology Bureau (the Provincial Marine Development Research Institute) held the meeting of the Spirit Communication about the City's Creating the civilized City Work Conference
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On November 13th, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau (the provincial Marine Development Research Institute) held a meeting of all cadres and workers to convey the spirit of the city's civilized city creation work conference. The meeting was chaired by Guo Yong, a member of the party committee of the bureau (department) and deputy researcher.

·       At the meeting, Party Secretary and Director Guo Liquan focused on the spirit of the city's creation of Civilized city work conference. Combined with the current reality, he clearly put forward specific work requirements such as organizational implementation, division of responsibilities, time schedule, and implementation of standards. He pointed out that national survey of the national civilized city is a comprehensive test of urban work, and it is also a test of the ability and style of the organizations at all levels. It is necessary to check the indicators of the national survey system one item by item, check and fill the gaps, and focus on doing a good job in the organization of the activities such as “Involvement in the Great Cleanness of Communities ” "Advocating green travel, I shall go first" organization and other tasks handed over to the city in the near future. He stressed that all the cadres and workers of the bureau (institution) must be clear-headed in grasping the situation and combining the theme of "remaining true of our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind” to further clarify the awareness of responsibility and embracing responsibility with passion, and take the "the concept of having a well-though-out plan and No risk at all" as the working standard and with The determination of the meteorite and the enthusiasm of “being the servant” of the technology to maintain solid and effective actions, stimulate the enthusiasm of hard work, sticking the problem, working like a horse to maintain the first-class status and style, carry our the responsibilities step by step, closely coordinate and cooperate, and strive to achieve great success in “Civilized City creating Movement.

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