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Municipal Committees Held the Consultative Conference of Politics and Political Parties on the Next Year's Working Thoughts
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Photographer Shen Lei

Yesterday afternoon, the Municipal Committee held political consultation and party consultation on the working thoughts for next year. Yu Donglai, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and the Party and Labor Committee of the New Area, stressed that the CPPCC and the Democratic parties, the Federation of Industry and Commerce and the non-party information Federation should focus on the center and serve the overall situation, give full play to their advantages, actively offer suggestions and suggestions, and concentrate on speeding up the construction of the “Four Targets of Zhoushan”.

Jiang Jianguo, Liu Yongyi and Xin Haiping attended the meeting, and Wang Wei presided over it. At the meeting, some members of the CPPCC and the leaders of democratic parties, federations of industry and Commerce and non-party information federations put forward suggestions on promoting regional integration, upgrading the transformation of traditional industries, improving the level of urban management, deepening the reform of "One Time Solution" and strengthening the improvement of people's livelihood.

After listening carefully to all the speeches, Yu Donglai pointed out that since this year, under the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, under the strong leadership of provincial Party committees and provincial governments, our city has maintained a steady and healthy economic development trend. Major projects, the promotion of Yongzhou Railway, the improvement of the city's outlook, the construction of pilot free trade areas, and the strict administration of the Party have all emerged the new highlights. The CPPCC, the Democratic parties, the Federation of industry and Commerce and the non-party information Federation closely focus on the work of the Municipal Committee and the municipal government center, carry out in-depth investigation and research, conscientiously perform their duties, and actively make suggestions, which have made important contributions to the economic and social development of the city.

Yu Donglai stressed that 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic and the key year for promoting high-quality economic development in our city. To do a good job next year, we should adhere to the general tone of steady progress, persevere in fighting the "five major battles" and building the "four targets of Zhoushan". The CPPCC, the Democratic parties, the Federation of industry and commerce, and the non-party information Federation are indispensable forces in the construction of Zhoushan. We should work together to promote the construction of the "four targets of Zhoushan".

Yu Donglai stressed that we should grasp the main line of performance, improve the quality and effectiveness of performance, focus on major issues related to the development of Zhoushan, give full play to its unique advantages, and carry out comprehensive performance, so as to provide a reference for scientific decision-making and effective policy implementation of the Municipal Committee. We should adhere to problem orientation, run it through the whole process of CPPCC and party groups' performance, focus on important matters, highlight problems and key areas with a "small incision", better identify problems and prescribe appropriate remedies, and strive to form a number of valuable suggestions. We should strengthen democratic supervision, normalize organizations to carry out various kinds of democratic supervision, strengthen the communication and guidance of the broad masses of members and the people contacted, so as to create more high-level strategies and cohesive consensus for the construction of the "Four Targets of Zhoushan".

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