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Consultation Meeting on the Zhoushan City's Institutional Reform Program
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Photographer Shen Lei

Yesterday afternoon, the consultation meeting on Zhoushan City's Institutional Reform Program was held in Xincheng. Yu Donglai, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and secretary of the Party and Labor Committee of the New District, stressed that the broad members of the United Front, such as the Democratic parties, the Federation of Industry and Commerce and the Non-Party Information Federation, should further improve their political standing, unify their ideas, rally consensus and work together to do a good job in deepening the reform of the institutions.

Wang Wei presided over the meeting and Liu Yongyi attended. At the meeting, the Office of the Municipal Editorial Committee introduced the relevant situation of the “Zhoushan Municipal Organizational Reform Plan” approved by the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, and the heads of democratic parties, federations of industry and commerce, and external party information federations made speeches.

Yu Donglai pointed out that deepening institutional reform is an extremely important and serious political task in our city. Municipal Party Committees attach great importance to this work, conduct extensive investigation and research, listen to opinions and suggestions from all parties, compare and verify the plans repeatedly and fully, and propel the work of institutional reform in a stable and orderly manner. All democratic parties, federations of industry and Commerce and non-party information federations should conscientiously integrate ideas and actions into the decision-making and deployment of municipal committees, strictly abide by political disciplines and rules, unite the reform efforts of the whole city, and jointly promote the reform of municipal institutions.

Yu Donglai emphasized that the reform of this institution is strong, influential, time-intensive and task-intensive. Members of the United Front are important forces in promoting the reform and development of Zhoushan. We should give full play to the advantages of extensive contacts, do more work of communicating ideas, coordinating relations and cohesion, guide the members and the masses to correctly understand and actively support the reform, and jointly create a good atmosphere for supporting the reform of institutions and supporting the reform of institutions. We should earnestly fulfill our responsibilities of participating in and discussing government affairs, democratic supervision and so on. We should actively build up truthful opinions and offer good policies for institutional reform, and contribute our wisdom to accomplishing the task of institutional reform with high quality in our city.

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