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Our city’s geological hazards project of “eliminating danger and living in securety” has achieved remarkable results
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First, we will fully promote the comprehensive management of potential geological hazards. This year's hidden danger points will be managed by specific operational plans and listing supervision to ensure that the hidden danger points are "designated people, point and plan", and all 37 geological hazard hidden danger points announced by the city's investigation will be completed. The second is to write off the hidden dangers of geological hazards in an all-round way. To organize experts to conduct another "great investigation and troubleshooting" of the dangerous areas of geological disasters in the whole city, and to revoke the dangerous areas that have eliminated the dangerous situation of geological disasters by public announcement. A total of 155 hidden dangerous points of geological disasters, 425 families and 2041 people have been cancelled, and the annual task has been fulfilled in excess of 194%.Third, we should comprehensively develop the grass-roots disaster prevention system. We have completed the investigation of geological hazards in rural mountainous areas of our city, started the investigation of the risk zoning of geological hazards in key townships (Qushan), and successfully established Shiyou County in Shengsi County. The knowledge of geological hazards has been introduced into the rural cultural auditorium to achieve full coverage. Fourthly, we should comprehensively enhance the effectiveness of disaster warning and avoidance in flood season. Emergency preparedness rate and renewal rate of disaster prevention and avoidance issuance of hidden danger points are all reached in 100%. Two geological hazard professional detection points are connected to the provincial monitoring platform. During the flood season, a total of 36 points and 145 people were transferred from the threatened population to achieve “zero casualties” in geological disasters.

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