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The Secretary of the Party Committee (Party Group) of the Municipality Holds a Review and Assessment Council on Party Construction and Talents Work at the Grass-roots Level
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Photographer Shen Lei

The Secretary of the Party Committee (Party Group) of the whole city held a commentary Council on grass-roots Party building and personnel work yesterday morning. Yu Donglai, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Party and Labor Committee of the New District, stressed at the meeting that the Party organizations at all levels in the city should earnestly shoulder their political responsibilities, conscientiously implement the general requirements of the Party's construction in the new era, take on the responsibility, set high standards and make great achievements, and seek a new chapter in Party building and personnel work at the grass-roots level, consolidate the grass-roots foundation and flourish the talent cause, so as to promote Zhoushan to catch up with and surpass development.

He Zhongwei, Ma Guohua, Huawei and other standing committees of municipal Party committees attended, and Zhang Mingchao chaired the meeting. At the meeting, the person in charge of the Talent Office of the Organizational Department of the Provincial Party Committee made a speech, and the principal persons in charge of the Party committees of counties (districts), municipal organs directly under the Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Education bureau, Municipal Finance Bureau and municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau stated their duties.

After each comrade's report, Yu Donglai made a comment, fully affirmed the achievements and put forward the direction of future efforts. Yu Donglai made a concluding speech after his job description. He pointed out that at present, Zhoushan has stepped on a new starting point for reform and opening up. To make the construction of the "Four Zhoushan" more real, faster and better, it is necessary to hold high the banner of emancipating the mind and daring to create, and to do the important affairs of Zhoushan well with new thinking and new methods. In particular, we should lay down the "foundation pile" of grass-roots Party building and play the "first hand chess" of talent work.

Yu Donglai emphasized that Party organizations at all levels should put the Party's political construction in the first place, study deeply the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping, strengthen the "four consciousness", strengthen the "four self-confidence", implement the "two safeguards" and implement them in all aspects of reform, development and stability, embodying the practice of "five major battles" and "four Zhoushan" construction, and integrate them into the practice of "five major battles" and "four Zhoushan". In the whole process of the landing of the national series of strategies and the promotion of major projects, efforts have been made to transform the political and organizational advantages of the Party into development advantages.

Yu Donglai emphasized that we should focus on enhancing organizational strength, and coordinate grassroots party building in the fields of fishing, rural areas, urban areas, government institutions, state-owned enterprises, emerging industries and industries, so as to promote "building strong in all fields and promoting the whole region" and build a new pattern of grass-roots party building to meet the requirements of the new era. We should put talent work in an important position, attach great importance to talent work with greater determination and strength, adhere to problem orientation, and focus on talent introduction, platform building and mechanism reform. In order to effectively consolidate the main responsibility of Party organizations at all levels for Party building and personnel work, Party Committee (Party group) secretaries should take the lead in contacting and serving Party members and personnel, taking the lead in handling major matters, and promoting a strong atmosphere of grassroots Party building and personnel work.

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