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The Fifth Plenary Session of the Seventh Session of the Municipal Committee was held in Xincheng yesterday
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Photographer Shen Lei

Yesterday morning, the Fifth Plenary Session of the Seventh Session of the CPC Zhoushan Municipal Committee was held in New Area. The plenary session thoroughly studied and implemented general secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on deepening the reform of the party and state institutions, comprehensively implemented the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 14th Provincial Party Committee, and conveyed the main spirit of the “Zhoushan City Institutional Reform Plan” approved by the provincial party committee and the provincial government. To carry out research and deployment and promote the implementation of the city's deepening institutional reform work.

 Committee members and alternate members of the Municipal Committee attended the meeting.

Yu Donglai, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and secretary of the party and Labor Committee of the new area, presided over the meeting and made a speech.

The plenary session pointed out that deepening the reform of the party and state institutions is an important strategic decision made by the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core from the overall development of the party and state undertakings. It is an important part of the implementation of the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the party. It is also an important part of upholding and strengthening the leadership of the party, upholding and improving the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, and promoting the modernization of the state governance system and governance capacity and important tasks.To deepen the reform of local organizations, is an important part of deepening the reform of the party and state institutions, is an extremely important and extremely serious political task. Under the strong leadership of the provincial Party committee, the municipal Party committee in-depth planning, co-ordination arrangements, careful organization and deployment, to promote the safe and orderly work of institutional reform. The provincial government approved the “Zhoushan City Institution Reform Program”, for the city to deepen the institutional reform further pointed out the direction, provides the following. We should have a high sense of political responsibility and historical mission, the main spirit of serious study, comprehensive understanding of the scheme and the basic content of hundred-percent to implement the plan, high quality to complete all tasks of institutional reform in our city.

The plenary session stressed that the reform of the municipal institutions should resolutely implement the “six persistence” principle of the central government on the reform of the institutions and ensure that the reform always proceeds in the right direction. We should stress the importance of adhering to and strengthening the overall leadership of the party, establish, improve and optimize the leadership system and mechanism of the Municipal Committee for major work in accordance with the requirements of the plan, strengthen the unified and centralized management functions of the functional departments of the Municipal Committee, ensure that the overall leadership system of the party is more perfect, and ensure that the leadership of the party at all levels and all work is thoroughly established. We should highlight the traction of the reform of “One Time Solution”, embody the idea, method and style of the reform of “One Time Solution” in the process of implementing the plan, set up a comprehensive organization, strengthen the organic unity of functions, and further solve the difficulties and key points that restrict the reform of “One Time Solution”. We should highlight the rule of law, standardization and digitization, improve the functions of institutions in strict accordance with the provisions of the plan, perform their duties according to law, manage the establishment of institutions according to law, promote the standardization of authority, responsibility and operation of institutions, and use big data to improve the level of governance modernization.

The plenary session emphasized that the reform of our city's institutions is time-consuming and task-intensive. We must maintain the reform determination, strengthen the reform courage, strengthen the reform confidence, and implement the plan well. We should deepen our understanding and improve our political standing. Regarding institutional reform as a major political task at present, as a touchstone to verify the “four consciousness” and “four self-confidence”. With the high-quality results of institutional reform, it highlights the role and actions of Zhoushan as the leader of the comprehensive deepening of reform in the new era. We should deploy carefully and arrange carefully. The “three definitions” stipulated by the high-standard formulation department should carry out the personnel transfer work steadily, and do well in the centralized office and listing work of the department. We should consolidate our responsibilities and take all kinds of discipline seriously. Party committees (Party groups) at all levels are responsible for the overall responsibility. The Party and government are mainly responsible for comrades leading and leading. All units pay close attention to the implementation of the plan to ensure the quality, moderate advance and efficient completion of the institutional reform. All counties (districts) should also pay close attention to relevant preparatory work. Strictly implement the institutional reform of discipline, strengthen supervision and discipline accountability.

Vice-Chairmen of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Vice-Mayors of the Municipal Government and Vice-Chairmen of the Municipal Consultative Conference who are not the committee members and alternate members of the Municipal Committee attended the meeting.

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