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The tasks of “safe and secure” in our city are advancing steadily
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  The first is to immediately investigate and cure, and comprehensively promote the comprehensive treatment of hidden hazards in geological disasters. As of now, all 37 hidden points in the city have entered the construction. Of these, 28 completed the main project with a completion rate of 76%, and the remaining points are rushing to catch progress in accordance with the established plan to ensure full completion by the end of the year. Second, it should be eliminated and a number of geological hazards should be completely written off. At present, the city has written off a total of 80 Geological disaster hazards, and the number of people who have written off threats has been reduced by 278 households and 1,127 people, completing the provincial assessment of the city's annual target tasks in advance. Third, we will strengthen the foundation and comprehensively develop the disaster prevention system at the grassroots level. Dinghai and Putuo took the lead in completing the investigation of geological disasters in rural mountainous areas. Lushan and Handan are expected to complete the investigation and evaluation at the end of the year. Shengyi County has been successfully selected as a high-standard "Shiyou County" for geological disaster prevention and control.
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