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Go all out to fight for the landing of the effective investment projects
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  On the morning of the 19th, Zhejiang province held a centralized commencement ceremony for expanding effective investment in major projects, including 567 major projects, with a total investment of 813 billion yuan. This is a practical action to thoroughly implement Xi Jinping's thinking on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and work steadily to achieve the "six stabilities"; an important step forward for deepening the Eight Advantages and Eight Measures Strategy and proceeding with reform and opening up and a mobilization order issued to theprovince to sprint for the fourth quarter and try to achieve the year round red.

  Chejun announced the opening, Yuanjiajun delivered a speech and Gehuijun, Zhengzhajie attended the ceremony. The other leaders of the provincial four bodies participated. Zhoujiangyong made a statement of position on behalf of Hangzhou. Feng Fei hosted the ceremony. Before the opening ceremony, Chejun and other provincial leaders visited the centralized display of all province's major projects.

  In his speech, Yuanjiajun stressed that pushing investment means to push the aftereffect and push the future of economic growth. Effective investment and reform and development measures are the relationship between 1 and 0. Without the "1"- effective investment, no matter how many good reform and development measures are carried out, they will all fail. All local departments should take the initiative of expanding effective investment and driving projects to the ground as part of the deep practice of General Secretary Xi Jinping's new expectations of "Never ending in doing the job practically, taking the lead in seeking new fields, and standing on the front of the tide showing the bravery”,and as a landmark achievement in testing the effectiveness of the "big study, big research, and big implementation" activities, as the top priority of the sprint to realize annual goal, we will do our utmost to fight hard for effective investment projects and ensure steady and fast investment growth. "Steady investment" should be used to support "steady enterprises" and "steady employment, financial stability, steady foreign trade, steady foreign investment and steady expectations" with expanding effective investment to celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and the 15th anniversary of the implementation of the the Eight Advantages and Eight Measures Strategy.

  Yuanjiajun pointed out that to tackle the difficulties in landing effective investment projects, we must first focus on targets to push the progress, fully implement the investment new policy, adhere to push the projects hard , push the major projects, and focus the early stages of projects that have not started, push the completion of the projects that have started, and lean up the obstacles of the projects that are behind schedule. We will strive for steady growth in private investment, transportation investment, ecological and environmental investment, and investment in high-tech industries. We will strive to increase the landing rate of provincial and municipal projects, strive for investment growth in line with GDP growth, and ensure the completion of annual investment targets. Second, we need to strengthen planning and reserve building, focus on major decisions and deployment in the digital economy and the "big four" construction, focus on the eight trillion industries and other key industries, and strengthen the planning of private investment, state-owned investment, state-owned enterprises and foreign capital projects. Reserve and roll out a number of major projects and projects that promote transformation, make up for shortcomings, benefit people's livelihood, and increase stamina; Third, we need to improve mechanisms to ensure that the combination of province, cities, and counties, the combination of governments, banks and enterprises cooperate, fully implement vertical linkage and horizontal coordinated promotion mechanisms for major projects, and vigorously push forward the process of approval of investment projects applied by enterprises with “one-time solution”and“no more than 100 days” service. We will work hard to solve difficult problems such as financing and land use, and create a first-class investment environment.

  Today's opening ceremony was held in video format. The main venue was located at the construction site of the third phase of Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. Ten cities reported on the construction of major projects at the branch meeting places. The centralized commencement projects were with higher level, better investment structure, and record-high scale. The focus is on the "big four" construction, including 6 huge-projects exceeding 10 billion yuan, with an investment of 120.7 billion yuan and an investment ratio of 14.9 %; Investment in high-tech industries such as digital economy, new materials, and smart manufacturing accounted for 37 %.

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